Hi! I’m Anna and welcome to My Baking Stall. I hope what you see on the blog will inspire you and make you connect with my personal experiences for each recipe. I have mainly focused on cakes and desserts, but savoury recipes that I regularly cook are included too.

I see baking as my little escape from reality as it often transports me to a majestic atmosphere where I am constantly amazed at what delicious creations can be made from simple ingredients such as butter, milk, eggs and flour. I get immense pleasure in creating new things for people to try. I love it when everyone is sitting round a table and sharing beautiful food, creating memories and forming special bonds. In my world, food and love are what brings friends and family together and there is nothing more comforting than the mesmerizing aromas whirling through my home from a freshly baked cake or a favourite home-cooked meal.

Thanks for visiting. ♥

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